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Gareth Pugh Appreciation

Amazing trousers & helmut.

Images: Luisa Via Roma / Show Studio

White Objects

I've loved these for a while now.

lamp/pens/book/calendar by Maison Martin Margiela

Control C

Designed by Sandra Bucklund

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas.
I look forward to posting images from me new camera in the new year.

Tree by Gareth Pugh.

Bye Bye Phi

 Bad news - Phi is closing end of January


Three of my favourite pieces are included in these photos.
Like the horns headpiece - a collaboration of opening ceremony x pamela love.
Dazed & Confused, Wild Things Editorial

Pamela Love and Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons : Mammoth Talon Cuff

Mammoth Talon Cuff

Limited Edition (of 14 pieces) collaboration by Pamela Love and Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons. Claws carved out of 10-30,000 year old fossilized siberian woolly mammoth tusk bark.

Available online at BonaDrag

Katie Gallagher : Spring Summer 2010


Michel Berandi : Spring 2009

I love the styling in this photo.

RP/Encore : Ann D Eat Your Heart Out

Above: Full Pigeon Wing Head Piece

Above: Pigeon Feather Cufflinks

Above: Small Rat & Mouse Cufflinks with Swarovski Crystal Elements

Above: Pigeon Wing Hair Comb

Above: Large White Rat Coin Purse

Above: Pigeon Wing Head Piece (Wing Tip)

Taxidermy isn't everyone's cup of tea, but these animals have been impressively recycled by London based (originating from California) blogger/designer/crafter, REID PEPPARD.  The photos pictured above are only some of the Unisex items I would happily own myself.  RP/Encore pieces retail from $200AUD-$3300AUD, quite generous in price compared to most other taxidermy crafters.

For animal lovers out there, RP Encore assures that every effort is taken to use recycled specimen.  Referring to her blog, she was recently requested to make a custom head piece for Lady Gaga's latest film clip released 'Bad Romance'.  I encourage people to check her blog out if you're interested in her other collaborations and press releases.

Congratulations on your beautiful work Reid, I look forward to your future designs.  Visit the RP/ENCORE website. *cough* Friends & family, please take note *cough*

Phi : RTW Spring 2010

uniforms + undergarments + urban = phi

I love all the corsets and trousers.