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Facehunted : Yvan Rodic

Combined outfit post of myself & Yvan (http://www.facehunter.org/)
Captured by a Facehunter follower & blogger Dropstitch, in Perth city.

Yvan is like no one I've ever meet. He just never stops and is always holding his damned camera! I have no idea how he gets by on such little sleep and looks incredibly great for his age. He is truely talented, after I would get a hold of his camera at the end of the day it was so wonderful to discover the beauty he can find in such simple things. He does not edit his photos at all, it's amazing. People who haven't spent time with him will have no idea when I say there is much more than a photography streak to this man. He is a beautiful person, and if you don't get a chance to meet him I atleast urge people to follow his personal blog Yvan Rodic. His quirky humor and presence in general was immediately missed, but has inspired me so much. What a wonderful man & friend. <3