H O M E A B O U T F A C E B O O K T W I T T E R T U M B L R I N S T A G R A M S A L E S E - M A I L

Approaching The Stranger


You Me

mating seahorses / source UNKNOWN

'Oh Chloe'

photos JAMIE WDZIEKONSKI / www.ohjamie.com

You Get Nothing

photo. dan wilton // styling. mischa notcutt // hair. roxy attard // makeup. laurey simmons // model. maaya at storm

Rest In Peace 18.09.10

I don't understand suicide.

Tears He Cried Will Rain On The Walls

Damir Doma by Gregory Derkenne

Anything But A Lie

model ROWAN OLIVER / photos CHLOE

Music Is A Big Prayer

A tourist free attraction to flash in the night
Photos by Chloe


Artist Portrait of Jodee Knowles //
www.jodeeknowles.com //
Photo by Chloe

I Caught A Glimpse Now It Haunts Me

'Friday 11.06.10' // Grey Magazine, Issue III FW 2010 // Photography by Sohpie Delaporte // Styling by Monika Kropfitsch
I love this, and also like that this was titled the day of my birthday.

As Your Boney Fingers Close Around Me

Vogue China // November 2010 // Max Vadukul

She Needs To Get The Fuck Down

Yohji Yamamoto SS11 // Paris // Blog post dedicated to Daniel